Food trends 2017

5 of the irresistible food trends hitting 2017

Versatile, tasty, colourful and dynamic: these are among the key attributes of the food trends hitting 2017 and a must for those menus for weddings, parties and events. Here are 5 trends that we just love. 

Mar 17, 2017 |


Wedding anniversary list

Ever wondered what the name of each wedding anniversary is? Here's a complete list

It’s quite common to celebrate a Silver Wedding Anniversary or a  Golden one – but what about everything in between?


There are a lot of wedding anniversaries to celebrate before your Silver or Golden, and each of them is associated with a particular material. The different names and items associated with the various stages of wedding history reflect the stage in the couple’s relationship. The materials gradually increase in strength and value each year, reflecting the steady strengthening of marriage as the years progress.


Feb 03, 2017 |


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