Are you planning your wedding? the first step is choosing the best date for your Big Day

If you are planning your wedding, the first step is choosing the best date for your Big Day. It might seem like an easy task, but it could actually turn out to be quite challenging. In fact, you will probably have to deal with your families’ own ideas too, including traditions and superstitions.
In this blog post, you will learn about three useful tips to get ready!

1. Choose the best month

The months between April and June are ideal, as they are not only generally sunny but also because they symbolically bring happiness to the newlyweds.

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5 tips to a trendsetter, eco-chic wedding

Eco-sustainability is ever more important in all aspects of our life, even when it comes to weddings. At the moment, the "green" wedding is one of the biggest trends. In fact, the number of couples opting for an eco-friendly wedding is increasing: from outfits to food, from location to favours. Here are the 5 most important tips to have an eco-chic wedding.




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wedding valle di badia

What happens when a wedding planner gets married?

When I asked Jessica how Andrea proposed, I was surprised at her answer. “There wasn’t a formal proposal actually, the idea of getting married was already brewing. We spontaneously decided to get married, especially after visiting Valle di Badia” – she said. This was not the only location they visited but for Jessica, who is a wedding planner that knows a lot about weddings, it was love at first sight.


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A boho-chic wedding: from the dream dress to the perfect table setting

If you opt for a boho-chic wedding is because you love nature and the bohemian carefree look with an added touch of elegance. The boho-chic style combines natural elements –especially flowers, together with lace, crochet and pastel colours, to create a relaxed yet smart atmosphere featuring retro vibes too.


Colours span from natural shades to pastel ones, mainly including sage green and lavender violet, and are elegantly combined with retro items such as antique frames, wooden or metal accessories, lanterns, chandeliers and candles.


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Wedding trends for your table setting

2019 Wedding trends for your table setting

Defining how to set your wedding tables is among the most important choices that newlyweds have to take when it comes to organise the wedding reception. Also called “mise en place” in French, this term refers to all the elements that, when combined, create the table décor: from the napkin to the cutlery, from the centrepiece to the glasses, and much more. Setting your reception tables has to be perfect, paying attention to all details.

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Bride & Groom at the pool

A Rose-coloured Wedding

All those who met Marta know that she is full of ideas, excitement and huge optimism. Since she is someone who sees the world through rose-coloured glasses, when it came to her wedding she obviously went for a “rose-coloured” one! A mix & match of feelings, memories and symbols with a special hunger for fun.

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Bridal bouquet in coral color

Flower bouquets and flower hoops

The flower bouquet surely is the most important accessory for your wedding day: the right one could in fact enhance your bridal dress and your body shape too; on the other hand, the wrong bouquet could ruin the whole outfit.

Luckily we can always rely on wedding trends as well as on many talented floral designers who, being extremely creative and innovative, can help customise your bouquet with special combinations, details and shapes, making sure you will turn heads!

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Total white wedding in Tuscany

Total White for an easy-chic wedding

White represents light, simplicity, air and sweetness. It is therefore only natural that this young bride and groom chose this colour as their wedding theme.

Do you fancy meeting them? Here’s their story!

Wedding 2.0

Weddings 2.0

If you thought that technology is the enemy of romance and that it will degrade social relationships…well, probably you have never seen a wedding website!


Every Love Story deserves its own soundtrack

The vows have been exchanged, a few teardrops shed. Millions of pics snapped, amidst a shower of kisses, hugs and good wishes. Formalities over, it’s time to get the wedding celebrations underway!


But where would any wedding party be without the right music?


Music is a universal language that bridges generations and cultures.  Invoking memories and feelings.  In our opinion, it has to fit your location as well as your theme, or your flowers.


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