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And when it comes to the tricky choice of wedding favours…

If you’re organising your wedding and take a quick scroll down your checklist, then sooner or later you’ll definitely come to the item of favours.  The web is chock-full of varying kinds of advice and posts on this, but if you read on you might be able to find some additional tips and hints based on our experience.


Let's start the Wedding Banquet

From a rock concert to the Blending of the Sands: the story of a flash wedding.

Everything started at a rock concert, where Luca and Chiara met and kissed exactly on 10th July 2014. It was love at first sight, just like in the movies.

A whole hamlet in Tuscany,  just for you and your guests

Why do people choose Valle di Badia for their wedding? 5 good reasons and an exciting location

What do young couples dream of for their wedding and what can make their most important day unforgettable?

The whole hamlet has been designed, renovated and furnished to answer this question and to make couples in love feel the magic and fascination of this ancient location.
Several years have passed since the beginning of our activity and many weddings have been successfully celebrated here, so here are some of the reasons for chosing the Antico Borgo di Valle di Badia:


A fairy-tale wedding

When dreams come true

Simona and Gianluca's dreams come true in Valle di Badia.

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