Wedding 2.0

Weddings 2.0

If you thought that technology is the enemy of romance and that it will degrade social relationships…well, probably you have never seen a wedding website!


Getting married in Italy

Italy. Rich of art, enchanting history and picturesque wine routes. Getting married in Italy is like a real dream come true. So why not incorporate some Italian wedding traditions to complete your destination wedding?


Italia: the land of divine art, ancient culture and earthly pleasures…


Italian culture is steeped in the arts, family, architecture, music and food. Home of the Roman Empire and a major center of the Renaissance, culture and traditions on the Italian peninsula has flourished for centuries.



How to choose the perfect location for your wedding

Choosing the perfect location for your wedding is perhaps the most complicated challenge of the "great day" (if we do not consider the challenge who to take by your side to the altar!). it can simply represent the place where the ceremony is held or, more extensively, a place where to celebrate even the days before the event and, why not, the days after, together with the closest friends.



10 Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re newly engaged (congrats!), or in the midst of planning your big day, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 principal pointers you need to navigate your wedding process with ease.


Now, we all know that when it comes to planning your big day: there are things that you want to know, and things that you need to know. You want to ensure that you have flawless finishing touches, logistical expertise and overall a smooth-sailing day.


ValleDiBadia, La mise en place per un matrimonio da sogno, 5 regole per preparare una tavola da matrimonio perfetta

The mise en place for a marvellous wedding

The mise en place of a wedding is one of the most delicate and personal aspect of the most special day. Taking care of the table setting, the places to be assigned and the equipment is certainly not an obligation.  That’s why many rely on catering for this. On the other hand, many want to personally take care of these key elements, in order to give a touch of originality to the environment and to make everything much more personalized and suited to their taste.

Best man and groom having fun together

A few words of wisdom on your choice of witnesses…

Whether you’re having a civil or religious marriage service, to be legally valid it has to be witnessed by two adults with full civil status and power.

Thank You Card Matrimonio

Thank You Cards: a simple yet important gesture for your guests

If you’re of the opinion that the right way to thank your wedding guests can take the form of an e-mail or WhatsApp group then think again ...

Cake toppers

The cherry on the cake? We would rather have a cake topper!

Whether it’s a minimal-chic or a layer cake, there’s no doubt…a wedding cake always needs some customisation!

Una sposa incantevole

Three little hiccups that made our wedding perfect

Lisa and Valerio have known each other for a long time, and have been together for four years: love grew out of friendship, serene and solid, a bond that deserves a wedding in style.

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