Valle di Badia Antico Borgo



When the owners of the Antico Borgo di Valle di Badia first stumbled upon it all they found was ruins, brambles and bushes.
Strong family ties, a go-get-it attitude and unlimited energy have been the key ingredients for turning this old hamlet into a jewel in the crown of the Tuscan countryside.


The story so far
In 2006, the family bought a cluster of dwellings perched on the hills of Buti, a small town about halfway between Pisa and Lucca. What started out as a family investment led to a wonderful renovation of the surrounding countryside when the original owner also offered to sell the neighbouring valley for a little extra money.
It was love at first sight.

All that was left of the original Borgo was a pile of stones hidden below the undergrowth. And yet, the valley was so stunningly beautiful the prospective owners could not wait to uncover the past and breathe new life into it.
So rather than renovate the dwellings on the hill, the family embarked on a 7-year project to restore the old hamlet down in the valley, re-creating the past and bringing age-old traditions back to life.
7 years meant the painstaking search for materials that would ensure the hamlet’s original character wasn’t lost and a win-against-all odds attitude.


The outcome?
A truly enchanting place to stay, an exclusive resort and the perfect setting for weddings and special occasions. The place where dreams come true. A place that will live in the hearts of anyone who has ever been here – even just for one day.



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