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wedding trends 2019
Aug 27, 2018 |


A boho-chic wedding: from the dream dress to the perfect table setting

If you opt for a boho-chic wedding is because you love nature and the bohemian carefree look with an added touch of elegance. The boho-chic style combines natural elements –especially flowers, together with lace, crochet and pastel colours, to create a relaxed yet smart atmosphere featuring retro vibes too.

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Wedding trends for your table setting
Aug 01, 2018 |


2019 Wedding trends for your table setting

Defining how to set your wedding tables is among the most important choices that newlyweds have to take when it comes to organise the wedding reception. Also called “mise en place” in French, this term refers to all the elements that, when combined, create the table décor: from the napkin to the cutlery, from the centrepiece to the glasses, and much more.

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